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From October 2009 to September 2011 Theater des Augenblicks will come up with three new and keen proposals

Since its founding in 1987 the Theater des Augenblicks has been working on the issues of differences in understanding and perception of languages and movements within different cultures. The clash of cultures has always been the subject of investigations, as well as the emergence of hybrid cultures. Following this tradition, the Theater des Augenblicks has designed its new projects.

sponsored by Stadt Wien Kulturabteilung

An initiative that seeks to organize itself institutionally to promote development and cooperation in terms of innovative trends and paradigms of the cultural environment and to bring forward the internationalization of unique works, to encourage new networks and creative people in their research and multidisciplinary approaches to the arts .

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A project of Theater des Augenblicks and Competence Center for International Cultural Networking and Consulting
Funded by the European Commission

Oct. 2009 to Sept. 2011
Serbia – Bulgaria – Turkey

Ten European artists selected on Open Call coming from the fields of performing arts, music, documentary-making, visual and media arts, including installation, photography, textile design, as well as sound and light design. They will be invited within a series of various activities and visits to the chosen locations of Cappadocia (Turkey), Rhodope Mountains (Bulgaria), Vinca –Lepenski vir (Serbia), as well as the cities of Istanbul (Turkey), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Belgrade (Serbia) to translate and transform a memory-mosaic into an artistic interdisciplinary language. The results will be shown on locations, with the aim of creating a space for the production and staging of memories in libraries as well as in site specific spots of rural localities.

The initial step of the project is the reflection on the fact that we are dealing with several forms of memory. In connection with the term “save”, we are speaking of a tangible memory (e.g. a written record), while by using the word “remembering” we connect to a memory process, which deals with personal and subjective experience. With the development of scriptures as a cultural recording system, the capacity for human memory exploded. Since then, tradition is no longer a transmitted orally from human to human, but stored, in layers, with documents issued by the past. Material memory storage, however, exceeds the needs and limitations of individuals. The result is a chasm between recorded and storable knowledge and the knowledge appropriated and embodied by living beings .

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A Project of Competence Center for International Cultural Networking and Consulting
Funded by the European Cultural Foundation

Oct. 2009 to Sept. 2010
The objectives of the project are to recognize, provoke and promote progressive practices and tendencies between public authorities - cultural public institutions – independent cultural institutions/artists in selected countries. But also to encourage activities which will enchase capacities, institutional investments and engagements of various stakeholders to continuously work on development of transversal models for collaboration.

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By 31st of August 2010 Theater des Augenblicks is finally closing its doors on Edelhofgasse 10, in the 18th Vienna district

However, this affects ONLY the theater space, not the ongoing projects of the Kunstverein Theater des Augenblicks - as described on this page.
Until further notice, postal address of Kunstverein Theater des Augenblicks will be Staudgasse 34/21, 1180 Wien