of the Artistic Leading Team and Mangagement of the LIBRARY - Production of Memory

Gül Gürses
Founder and artistic director of the Competence Center for International Cultural Networking and Consulting.

Professional background:

Founder and artistic director of the Competence Center
for International Cultural Networking and Consulting (2007–)
Founder of the First International Theater Laboratory (ITL) (1990)
Founder and artistic direction of Theater des Augenblicks (1987–)

Concept, artistic and project management:

International EU Project “Tracing Roads Across” (2006-2003)
EU Project – „kontext:europa’’ (2002-2000)
„kontext:europa 2002 – artistic Impulses from South Europe’’ (2002)
„kontext:europa 2001 – theatrical impulses from Scandinavia’’ (2001)
„kontext:europa 2000 - theatrical impulses from Poland, Russia, Slovenia and the Czech
Republic“ (2000)
“Soloist Festival” (1999)
„III International Dance Laboratory: Loneliness – Individual vs. Collective” (1999-1998)
Cycle 1 – Trance Chance I: „Gender is Performance“
Cycle 2 – Trance Chance II: „Turning Talks“
Symposium „Transidentity in comparison: the cultures of Europe,Turkey and India“
„International Dance Laboratory - Cycle 2 tracks of loneliness“ (1997)
EU Project - „International Dance Laboratory - years of loneliness“ (1997-1996)
Music festival “Gastgarten und Kultur” (1995)
Artistic management of the “International Theatre Laboratory I-II-III” – Workshop and
research together with Yoshi Oida, Bruce Myers, Tuncel Kurtiz, Lin Huan Shang, La
Fura dels Baus, Zygmund Molig, Monika Pagneux and other guest (1993-1991)
First “International Theatre Laboratory – ITL’’ (1990)

Director and Co-Director:

Cycle “Trance Chance I” – “Gender is Performance” – c Jörg Weber – Action 1: Braunschweig,
Istanbul, Vienna (1999-1998)
Cycle “Trance Chance II” -“Turning Talks“ – Co-direction with Jörg Weber – Action 2:
Vienna (1999-1998)
Cycle “Trance Chance II” – “Individual vs. Collective” – Co-direction with Jörg Weber –
Action 3: Braunschweig, Vienna (1999-1998)
EU Project - “Years of loneliness” – cooperation with Irene Bourget-Kalbusch from Belgium
and Guillermo Horta from Cuba (1997-1996)
„Niemand auf Reisen“ – co-operation with Ali Ihsan Kaleci – invitation to theatrical festival
in Avignon (1991)
„Guernica I”, “Guernica II” (tour to International Theatre Festival Istanbul and Festival
Musica Trento 900 / Directed by Gül Gürses with music composed by Vittorio Gelmetti
Performance: „Letters to Taranta Babu“ (touring through South Tyrol (1988-1987))

Productions and Co-Productions:

“Gym” – Krement X (2001)
“Bertrand’s Toy” - Black Sky White (2000)
“Hahmomania” – Trava (2000)
“ One night Stand” – Krement X (1999)
“Solisten Festival” – produced together with Paul Wenninger, Ziya Azazi, Silvia Both,
Sabine Holzer, Bharat Sharma, Heini Nukari, Anna Jankowska, Gustavo Frigerio,
Dominique Delorme (1999)
“Human Protocol” – LOT Theater – Jörg Weber (1997)
“Dans le ravin de tes yeux” – Compagnie Irene K – Irene Kalbusch (1997-1996)
“Epos of Scheih Bedreddin” – Tuncel Kurtiz (1993)
“Yes or/and No” Premiere – Directed and written by Gao Xingijan (Nobel-prize winner of
2000) (1992)

Education, Research and/or Studies:

Research “Open Program” at the Workcentre of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards
under the direction of Mario Biagini in Italy (2009–2007)
Research Work with Made Djimate and I.B. Anom in Bali, Indonesien (1995)
Research Work Beijing Opera in China (1995)
Research with Arianne Mnouchkine at Theatre du Soleil in Paris (1994)
Research Work with G. Venu über Kutiyattam and Kathakali in India (1992)


Feldenkrais Method – Awareness through Movement and Functional Integration –
Feldenkrais Practitioner (2009)
Studies at Feldenkrais International Training Wien 4, June 27th, 2005, to February 20th,
2009, in Vienna, Austria.
Movement Studio Paris (1989-1988): Pedagogic Studies of Body Work with Monika Pagn
eux, Maskmaking and performance with mask by Philippe Gaulier
Drama lessons at Theatre “Der Kreis” under the direction of George Tabori in Vienna
Directors’ seminar on Kafka together with polish Director Paradowsky in Vienna (1986)
Ecole du Mime et Clown in Lyon (1984)
Theatre studies at the University of Vienna (1981–)
Studies at Conservatorium of acting in Istanbul (1981-1977)
Theoretic-Didactic work on Brecht–Play with Se.k Kiran at Bakirköy Theatre in Istanbul
Actress at National Theatre in Istanbul (1980-1979)
Foundation and Work at the D. A. S. T. The Political Theater under the direction of
Erkan Yücel in Ankara (1976)
Actress at Cagdas Sahne A.C.T in Ankara (1975)


French (passive knowledge)

Kristina Kujundzic
Executive manager of the Competence Center for International Cultural Networking and Consulting.
“The Library – Production of Memory” project will be managed and coordinated on supra-national level by
Kristina Kujundzic.

Professional background

Cultural Programme Director, Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans / Pro
Helvetia Belgrade of.ce, (2008 - );;
Cultural Programme Director, Swiss Cultural Programme in South East Europe and Ukraine
/ SCP Serbia and Montenegro, (2004-2007);
Executive director and founder of the Centre for Youth Creativity, non-governmental
organization working in a .eld of culture and social development, (1999-2004);
Executive director of Young Researchers of Serbia, non governmental organization active
in research and educational programs, (1997-1999);
Representative of FR Yugoslavia in the International Board of the “Youth Initiatives in
Central and East Europe“ Open Society Institute, New York, USA (2000 -2002)
Representative of Serbia in the International Board of the „ SEE Docks in Dubrovnik“ .lm
festival, Dubrovnik, Croatia (2000-2002)
Representative of FRY in the International Board of the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe
and Mediterranean (2001 - 2004 )

Most important engagements

2007-2008 Selector of Serbian artists for the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and
Mediterranean, Puglia, Italy

2003-2004 Consultant of the project „Citizens without Boundaries“ Swedish-Serbian
project aimed to provide the platform for cooperation, cultural dialogue and exchange
of experiences concerning cultural policy, capacity building in arts, etc. between South
and North of Europe

1998-2004 Coordination of the work of the partner organizations in the target countries
for the project “diARTspora – Never Coming Home“, aimed to immigration groups
(predominantly coming from the territory of former Yugoslavia) living in Sweden,
Denmark and Norway (2001-2003)

Direct line manager for the Swedish part of research and development of the network of
partner organization, and the structure of above mentioned project (2002-2003)
Director of the documentary .lm about the Turkish artist „Portrait – Aziz Tavil“ developed
in the frame of the project „Context: Europa“, Theatre des Augenblicks, Vienna, Austria

Production manager of Yugoslavian art works, for international project “Hotel Europa“
by Goran Stefanovski taking place in 9 European cities and manifestations such as:
Wiener Festwochen, Bonner Biennale, Festival d’ Avignon, etc. (2001)
Editor of publishing „Possible“ aimed to promote emerging artists and special publishing
projects (1999 – 2004)

Executive producer of more then 100 individual and collective exhibitions of younger
generation of artists, performances, cultural happenings at the entire territory in the
country (1999-2004)
Selector from FRY for the exhibition „New Millennium“, Modern Art Museum New York,
USA (1997)


Formal education: B.S. University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Natural Sciences, researcher in
natural sciencies

Other relevant educations and trainings:

International Summer School of Euro-Balkan Institute, Visual and Cultural Research
Centre, Skopje, Macedonia – Integrating Cultures/ Negotiating New Subjectivities,
Ohrid, Macedonia (2007)

Professional Development Program of Swiss Agency for Developmental and Cooperation,
SDC Bern - Power of Culture, Basel, Switzerland (2006)
International Training Program of SIDA ( Swedish International Development Agency)
– Arts Manager for Partnership , residency, Stockholm, Sweden – Intercult, Stockholm,
Sweden (2002-2003)

International exchange programs – THEOREM, Riga, Latvia (2003)
Innovative strategies for fundraising, Youth for Europe - EU program, Brussels, Belgium


Bilingual Hungarian and Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian
Italian and Swedish – passive knowledge.

Petar Todorov
Theatre and Dance Director (MA). Member of the Project’s Artistic Leading Team.

Professional background
since 2004 Artistic director of Pro Rodopi Art Centre Bostina, Bulgaria
since 1989 Director & Choreographer of various theatre & dance productions Bulgaria,
Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Sweden
since 1998 bi-annual Director of Aquarius Era Festival (since 2002 – Festival of Bulgarian
Dance, Visual & Physical Theatre Bourgas, Bulgaria
since 1997 bi-annual Co-director of Theatre in a Suitcase International Festival together
with Natasha Kolevska-Kurteva So.a, Bulgaria
since 2000 Chairman of Pro Rodopi Foundation Bostina, Bulgaria
since 1996 Executive Director of Theatre in a Suitcase Independent Foundation So.a,
2000-2006 Part of the artistic tandem SATORES, together with Gregor Kamnikar
Bulgaria, Slovenia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Germany, Italy, USA a.o.
2003-2006 Producer at Ops! productions Ljubljana, Slovenia
1998 Artistic & Executive director of Sliven Drama Playhouse Sliven, Bulgaria

Other current activities
Since May 2007 Member of the Executive commitee of Trans Europe Halles with 48
members in 27 European countries; headquarters in Sweden
Since 2002 Representative for Bulgaria of World & Europe Interplay networks & festivals
biannual World Interplay Festival, Australia and Various European countries
Leader of workshops, courses and others

Aug-Sept 2009 Basics of physical action Substation Singapore
August 2009 Tutor at World Interplay and Leader of workshop ‘Script & Physical Theatre’
World Interplay 2009, Cairns, Australia
Oct 2007 American Silences’ Leader of Physical theatre workshop‘ Dance Advance
Philadelphia, USA
July 2007 ‘Miss Julie’ by Strindberg as Dance Drama Leader of dance drama workshop,
La MaMa Umbria International Spoleto, Italy
Dec 2006 ‘Silence’ Leader of Physical theatre workshop together with Gregor Kamnikar
Dance Advance Philadelphia, USA
Feb 2006 Script and Physical theatre’ Leader of workshop at RCNUWC RCNUWC
College Flekke, Norway
June 2004 Tutor at Europe Interplay Europe Interplay, Greece Athens, Greece
July 2003 Tutor at World Interplay and Leader of workshop ‘Script & Physical Theatre’
World Interplay 2003 Townsville, Australia
March 2003 ‘Touch of Dutch’ Co-director of Festival of Dutch Dance, Mime, Object
Theatre Ops! productions, Ljubljana Max Wagener Stichting, Amsterdam Ljubljana,
Dec 2001 ‘Spygame’ Leader of 1-week workshop at the festival ‘Caccia di Staggione’
together with Gregor Kamnikar Orchestra Stolpnik Bologna, Italy
Apr 2001 ‘Miss Julie Improvisations’ Leader of 2-weeks dance drama workshop based on
Strindberg’s play together with Gregor Kamnikar Theatre Giljotin Stockholm, Sweden
Mar–Apr 2001 ‘Contemporary Mime as Physical Action’ leader of 4-weeks workshop
together with Gregor Kamnikar Mongolian Mime Theatre,Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
1999–2000 Representative of MAPA for Bulgaria MAPA Amsterdam, Holland
Feb–Mar 98 Lecturer and leader of 5-week workshop Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham, UK
Mar 97 Lecturer at Artists Open Day West Yorkshire Playhouse Leeds, UK
Oct 95 Leader of workshop Kneehigh Theatre Truro, UK
Feb-Mar 95 Lecturer and leader of 5-week workshop Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham, UK
Aug 94 Shadow theatre consultant Pinokio Theatre Zemun/Belgrade Serbia
Nov 93 ‘Shadow Theatre’s New Techniques’ Leader of workshop So.a, Bulgaria
1987-88 Actor State Puppet Theatre Bourgas, Bulgaria
Academic Education:
1988-93 MA Course “Directing for Puppet Theatre” National Academy for Theatre & Film
Arts, So.a (Bulgaria) Artistic Supervisor: Julia Ognianova

Other Courses and Trainings:
July 2002 Small Arts Management Course, SAPA, So.a (Bulgaria)
July 1998 Salzburg Academy for Arts and Management, ICCM, Salzburg (Austria)
1995–96 Arts Management Post-graduate course New Bulgarian University, So.a
April 96 European Directors School West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds (UK)
Nov–Dec 95 ArtsLink Programme of Citizen Exchange Council Double Edge Theatre
– Ash.eld /MA, Boston, New York (USA)
Sept-Oct 95 Seeding of Network Programme Royal National Theatre, London; Hi Jinx
Theatre, Cardiff Kneehigh Theatre, Truro; The People Show, London (UK)
Artistic Residencies:
Jul 2009 TNT Bordeaux (France)
Jan-Feb 2006 Nordic Artists Centre (NKD) Dale (Norway)
March 2003 PACT Zollverein Essen (Germany)
Oct 1994 Academy Schloss Solitude (Guest) Stuttgart (Germany)

Productions/Participations at International Festivals (a selection)
• SEPTFEST, Aug 2009, Singapore (Singapore) - HAIR
• WORLD INTERPLAY 2009, Cairns (Australia) - HAIR
• INTERNATIONAL PUPPET FESTIVAL 2009, Dordrecht (The Netherlands) - CHICK
• MIDSUMMERNIGHT FEST 2009, June 2009, Žilina (Slovakia) - CHICK WITH A TRICK
• GUMBEKOVI DANI 2009, March 2009, Zagreb (Croatia) - CHICK WITH A TRICK
• PUPPET FAIR, Sept 2008, So.a (Bulgaria) – I, THY SOUL
• TWO ARE NOT ENOUGH, THREE ARE TOO MANY, Sept 2008, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
• ACT ALONE, July 2008, Isafjordur & Reykjavik (Iceland) - CHICK WITH A TRICK
• BITFEST, June 2008, Bitola (Macedonia) - CIRCUS EUROPA
• FlNITO NON TROPPO, Nov 2007, So.a (Bulgaria) - DELTA
• LIVE ARTS & PH/LLY FRINDGE, Sept 2007, Philadelphia (USA) - DELTA
• ALBAMONO 2007, May 2007, Korca (Albania) - CHICK WITH A TRICK
• STAR GALA 2007, Apr 2007, Bacau (Romania) - CHICK WITH A TRICK
• AUTUMN THEATRE DAYS, Oct 2006, Pazardjik (Bulgaria) - CHICK WITH A TRICK
• TWO ARE NOT ENOUGH, THREE ARE TOO MANY, Sept 2006, Plovdiv (Bulgaria) -
• AQUARIUS ERA 2006, June 2002, Bourgas (Bulgaria) - ANATOMY OF EXTREME
• POP Festival, Nov 2005, Zilina (Slovakia) - ANATOMY OF EXTREME
• EUROPEAN OFF THEATRE MEETING, June 2005, SI. Poelten (Austria) - ANATOMY
• ART & SHOCK, June 2004, Almaty (Kazakhstan) - SNOW
• AQUARIUS ERA 2004, June 2004, Bourgas (Bulgaria) - CHAOS - BODY WITHOUT
• DANCE WITHOUT BORDERS, June 2003, Almaty (Kazakhstan) - SNOW
• AQUARIUS ERA 2002, May 2002, Bourgas (Bulgaria), - CAUGHT.
• 5th DANCE MIN/A TURE FESTIVAL, May 2002, Belgrade (Yugoslavia) - CAUGHT
• KULTUSPUR 2002, May 2002, Bavaria (Gennany) - CAUGHT.
Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) – I, THY SOUL
• XJ/I INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL‚ FlTUC, Sept200I, Casablanca(Morocco)
• DANCEACROSS BORDERS, August 2001, Gotheborg (Sweden) - THE HOUR
• XV/I PIATRA NEAMT THEATRE FESTIVAL, May 200 I, Piatra Neamt (Romania) - KING
• 1st INTERNATIONAL MIME FESTIVAL ‚MONGOLIA 2000‘, Sept 2000, Ulaanbaatar
• ALTFEST, Sept 2000, Bistritza (Romania) - FOUR SEASONS, FOUR WOMEN &
• AQUARIUS ERA, June 2000, Bourgas (Bulgaria) - GYPSY STORY
• VARNA SUMMER, June 2000, Varna (Bulgaria) - GYPSY STORY
• THEATRE IN A SUITCASE FESTIVAL, May 1999, Bourgas (Bulgaria) - FOUR
• AQUARIUS ERA, June 1998, Bourgas (Bulgaria) - ALlCE point LOVE
• OHRID SUMMER, July 1998, Ohrid (Macedonia) - I, THY SOUL
• KULTURSPUR, Aug 97, Walkertshofen (Germany) - ALlCE point LOVE & BOLERO
• OHRID SUMMER, July 97, Ohrid (Macedonia) - ALlCE point LOVE
• VARNA SUMMER, June 97, Vama (Bulgaria) - ALlCE point LOVE
• THEATRE IN A SUITCASE, May 97, Bourgas (Bulgaria) - BOLERO
• NOW 96, Nov 96, Nottingham (UK) - ALlCE point LOVE
point LOVE
• APOLLONIA, Sept 96, Sozopol(Bulgaria) - DRESS
• OHRID SUMMER, July 96, Ohrid (Macedonia) - BOLERO
• BRITISH DA YS, May 96, So.a (Bulgaria) - ALlCE point LOVE
• GENERATOR T., Sept 95, Voitsberg (Austria) - ALlCE point LOVE
• TWO ARE NOT ENOUGH, THREE ARE TOO MANY, Sept 95, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
- ALlCE point LOVE
• APOLLONIA, Sept 95, Sozopol (Bulgaria) - ALlCE point LOVE
• FRANZ & FRANC, July 94, Bad Radkersburg (A) & Gornja Radgona (SLO) - THE WORLD

Literary Works:
POETRY (1980)
I, THY SOUL, Original Play



Sreten Ugri¡cic
Director of the National Library of Serbia and member of the Project’s Artistic Leading Team.

2001- Director of the National Library of Serbia
2004- 2005 – Lecturer at the Post-graduate course for cultural management at the
Belgrade Arts University
2001 – Editor-in-chief of the journals „Arheografski prilozi“ i „Glasnik NBS“
1999-2001 – Coordinator of the Information Program Group of the Fund for an Open
Society in
Serbia (from 1997 to 2001 this program supported, among other things, the translation
of more than 500 publications in Serbia).
1998-1999 – Program manager and coordinator of the international programs in OSI
Center for Development of Publishing in Budapest, including PLOP (Publishing
Legislation Online Project – comparative legislation of the book sector in the postcommunist
1997-1998 – Coordinator of the Publishing and Library Program of the Fund for an Open
1994-1997 – Program coordinator at the Soros Fund Of.ce Yugoslavia in Pristina.
1992-1997 – Teaching fellow at the Faculty of Philosophy in Pristina, subjects Aesthetics
and Ehtics
1989-1996 – Editor of the journals Pismo (Zemun, 1989-1991) and Univerzitetska misao
(Pristina, 1993-1996).

Project management and other professional expertise

2008 – World Digital Library
2008 – Coordinator of project “European Integration – Libraries and Media in Serbia”
2007 – Author of the project “European Romani Digital Collection”
2006 – 2008 Lectures on Culture of Digitalisation and Digital Library (Zagreb, Washington,
Belgrade, Nis)
2005 – 2007 Author of the exibition “Two Radoslavs, Two Times” (Belgrade, Banja Luka, Toronto,
Paris, Ottawa, Washington)
2005 – Member of the Re.ection group of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF
2005 – Member of the National Committee for Hilandar
2005 – Co-initiator of the project “European Integrations in the Serbian Press” (together
with Velimir Curgus Kazimir from the Media Documentation EBART).
2005 – Initiator of the project “DOI (Digital Object system in Serbia”2005 – Initiator
of Current National Bibliography Online by NLS
2005 – Member of the TEL (The European Library) Management Board
2005 – Public lecture „European Republic of Letters“ (Amsterdam)
2004 – Co-organizer of the scholarly symposium (The Voice and the Letter) dedicated to the
deceased French philosopher Jacques Derrida;
2004 – Co-author and co-organizer (with Branka Prpa, director of the Archive of the City of
Belgrade) of the exhibition Moderna in Belgrade.
2004 – Initiator of the changing of the Law on the Issuing of Publications, on the basis
of which the National Library of Serbia became the authorized national center for the
issuing of international identi.cation numbers for all kinds of publications (ISBN, ISSN,
ISMN, DOI etc); the Law on the Changing of the Law on the Issuing of Publications was
2004 - Founder of Digital National Library of Serbia
2003 – Author of a new model of purchasing books for the public libraries of Serbia, .nanced
by the Ministry of Culture and the media of the Republic of Serbia;
2003 – introduced NLS to the full membership of CENL (Conference of European National
2003 – Member of the Next Page Foundation (So.a) Administrative Board;
2003 – Founder of the VBS (shared cataloguing System in Serbia);
2003 – proposed the nomination of the Nikola Tesla Archive (kept in the Nikola Tesla Museum in
Belgrade) for the inclusion in the register of the world cultural heritage Memory of the
World; the nomination has been accepted; this is the third cultural monument of universal
value from Serbia included in the registers of UNESCO, and the only included complete
archive in the world;
2003 – Co-author and supervisor of the strategic project Book Market Upgrade (Montenegro
and Serbia, 2003-2006;
2003 – participated in the compiling of the law on excise tax exemption regarding all books
and magazines in Serbia; the law has been adopted.
2003 – Author of a new model of purchasing books for the public libraries of Serbia, .nanced
by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.
2003 – Member of the Next Page Foundation (So.a) Administrative Board.
2003 – Member of CENL (Conference of European National Libraries)
2002 – Initiator of the de.nite identi.cation of the date of the founding of NLS
2002 – Initiator of KoBSON, library consortium that coordinates the acquisition and
distribution of foreign scienti.c and expert journals and databases in Serbia.
2002 – Member of the Yugoslav (Serbia and Montenegro) Commission of UNESCO.
2002 – Co-author of the project proposal regarding the presentation of the publishing
activity and literature of Serbia at the Frankfurt Book Fair.2002 – Member of the Serbian
PEN Club.
2001 – Member of the Administrative Board of the project Book Life in Croatia.
2001 – Author of the exhibition “Politics and the Culture of Knowledge” in Novi Sad.


1997 – Winner of the award “Borislav Peki´ c” (fellowship for the work on the manuscript
Valuable Papers, published in the year 2000 under the title God of Language and Other