1. International conference
Date: 7th – 9th March 2010, Belgrade
Venue: National Library Serbia, Belgrade

The conference is created to:
· build the platform for dialogue
· map existing transversal practices
· stimulate future collaborative activities
· assess needs of involved stakeholders
· present best practices - invited project leaders and other relevant case studies will be presented. The main focus will be on Culture 2007-2013 supported artistic project The Library-Production of memory which is dealing with patterns of diversity as source of artistic productions, new cultural form and hybrids in the same geographical scope.

Stakeholders which are planned to be invited to the first project activity are the persons in charge and other relevant representatives from: Ministry of Culture of Republic of Turkey, Beyazit Library, Garaj Istanbul, Bilgi University, Directorate of Nevsehir Museum, from Cappadocia - Municipality of Mustafapasa and Municipality of Göreme, Historical Heritage Protection Foundation from Turkey; Ministry of Culture of the Republic Bulgaria, Pro Rodopi Foundation, St. Cyril and Methodius National Library, Stoyu Shishkov Regional Historical Museum Smolyan, Smolyan Drama Theatre from Bulgaria; Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Secretary of Culture-City of Belgrade, University of Arts Belgrade, DAH Theatre, Tourist Organization of Belgrade, Institute for research on cultural policies and development, National Museum Zajecar from Serbia; and Theater des Augenblicks and City of Vienna – Department for Culture MA 7 from Austria.

2. Non-formal meetings and visits to places
Date: 9th – 31st March 2010
Places: Belgrade and Vinca-Lepenski vir, Serbia; Sofia and Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria; Istanbul and Cappadocia,Turkey

Selected localities to visit in Belgrade: 9th – 10th March (2 days)
Rural localities to visit in Serbia: Vinca/Lepenski Vir: 12th – 15th March (4 days)

Sofia selected localities: 16th – 18th March (3 days)
Rodope Mountains rural localities: 19th – 23rd March (5 days)

Istanbul selected localities: 24th – 26th March (3 days)
Cappadocia rural localities: 27th – 31st March (5 days)

The selected locations within the countries will be explored, following the possible contexts, topics and/or questions, on specific interests of „Orient express: Re-set".

During this activity the participants will have the opportunity to research in the field, discuss and exchange with colleagues with the aim to explore as much as it is possible the conditions and places where the partners are working on daily basis, familiarize with context on the ground but also to have a close contact and follow the creation of unique artistic process – start of collaborative work of The Library – Production of Memory project team.
The gathered inputs and information should serve as a base for further theoretical and practical work involved participants.

3. Development of collaborative works and realization of research related activites
Date: 1st April – 1st June 2010
Place: working locations of involved partners and partcipants

Within the third activity the participants aiming to sharing expiriencies on existing and onward modules of collaboration, as well as to concentrate on further research, reflecting and questioning the existing situations, values and a longing for new formats of work and research papers.

4. Interactive web space
Date: 1st October 2009
Place: web space of the project “Orient Express: Re – set”; Competence Centre for International Cultural Networking / Theater des Augenblicks

The interactive web space will have a wide spectrum of functions and should provide the ignite communicative and participatory processes, creation of open space for debates and exchange as well as to serve as a base for presentation of findings, reports, etc.
The project concept, research findings and other relevant details from the project and its phases will be visible and available for individual download.

5. Collaborative work
– realization of ”First Creating & Collective Work in Turkey” and public presentation “First Opening of ‘The Library – Production of Memory‘“ on Stage” in Turkey”
Date: 1st – 21st September 2010
Places: selected localities of Cappadocia and Istanbul

In Turkey, the selected urban and rural localities will be the place of intervention for the team of ”The Library – Production of Memory” project. The artists will be divided into two groups: one group will work in rural localities while the other will create their works in the urban locality of Istanbul (Beyazit
Library). Both localities will host the groups and provide the optimal conditions to make a final adaptation of their artistic concepts, respectively the creations of artwork.
After harmonization of the two above mentioned processes the artists will start to work on realization of their concept/creations and productions of their artworks.

As Istanbul will be the Cultural Capital of Europe 2010, the first group of artists will remain in Istanbul and concisely present the project. Using the “capital” as an example, the correlation between urbanity and rurality will be discussed specifically.

During 3 days of public presentation the artists will use the selected localities of Cappadocia and Beyazit Library in Istanbul to create the specific public presentation in an on site-specific and innovative way.