With the project "Orient Express:Re-set" the Competence Centre is inviting its partners from Balkan countries to explore the inter-relations and collaborations between public authorities – cultural public institutions – independent cultural institutions and artists – art projects, as well as alongside explore the relation between mentioned actors in urban and rural contexts.
Following a series of various types of working modes in different rural and urban localities of Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Austria the continual dialogue and exchange between involved project participants will encourage the creation of collaborative activities as process related outcomes.

The objectives of the project are to recognize, provoke and promote progressive practices and tendencies between public authorities - cultural public institutions – independent cultural institutions/artists in selected countries. But also to encourage activities which will enchase capacities, institutional investments and engagements of various stakeholders to continuously work on development of transversal models for collaboration.

The Orient Express:Re-set would like to establish an alliance between independent cultural organizations and public authorities from EU and non-EU countries and formation of transnational networks with improved modes for exchange and joint strategy with regards to cultural collaboration.