Curriculi Vitae of Participants of the CCCC

Short CV's
Gül Gürses

founder and artistic director of the Competence Centre
for International Cultural Networking and Consulting

Kristina Kujundzic

executive manager of the Competence Centre
for International Networking and Consulting

Jelena Kovacevic

research and co-ordination for the needs of the Competence Centre for International Cultural Networking and Consulting

Manfred Reicher

mediator, organizational and human resources development, supervision of the Competence Centre for International Cultural Networking and Consulting

Gül Gürses detailed CV
Founder and artistic director of the Competence Center for International Cultural Networking and Consulting.

Professional background:

Founder and artistic director of the Competence Center
for International Cultural Networking and Consulting (2007–)
Founder of the First International Theater Laboratory (ITL) (1990)
Founder and artistic direction of Theater des Augenblicks (1987–)

Concept, artistic and project management:

International EU Project “Tracing Roads Across” (2006-2003)
EU Project – „kontext:europa’’ (2002-2000)
„kontext:europa 2002 – artistic Impulses from South Europe’’ (2002)
„kontext:europa 2001 – theatrical impulses from Scandinavia’’ (2001)
„kontext:europa 2000 - theatrical impulses from Poland, Russia, Slovenia and the Czech
Republic“ (2000)
“Soloist Festival” (1999)
„III International Dance Laboratory: Loneliness – Individual vs. Collective” (1999-1998)
Cycle 1 – Trance Chance I: „Gender is Performance“
Cycle 2 – Trance Chance II: „Turning Talks“
Symposium „Transidentity in comparison: the cultures of Europe,Turkey and India“
„International Dance Laboratory - Cycle 2 tracks of loneliness“ (1997)
EU Project - „International Dance Laboratory - years of loneliness“ (1997-1996)
Music festival “Gastgarten und Kultur” (1995)
Artistic management of the “International Theatre Laboratory I-II-III” – Workshop and
research together with Yoshi Oida, Bruce Myers, Tuncel Kurtiz, Lin Huan Shang, La
Fura dels Baus, Zygmund Molig, Monika Pagneux and other guest (1993-1991)
First “International Theatre Laboratory – ITL’’ (1990)

Director and Co-Director:

Cycle “Trance Chance I” – “Gender is Performance” – c Jörg Weber – Action 1: Braunschweig,
Istanbul, Vienna (1999-1998)
Cycle “Trance Chance II” -“Turning Talks“ – Co-direction with Jörg Weber – Action 2:
Vienna (1999-1998)
Cycle “Trance Chance II” – “Individual vs. Collective” – Co-direction with Jörg Weber –
Action 3: Braunschweig, Vienna (1999-1998)
EU Project - “Years of loneliness” – cooperation with Irene Bourget-Kalbusch from Belgium
and Guillermo Horta from Cuba (1997-1996)
„Niemand auf Reisen“ – co-operation with Ali Ihsan Kaleci – invitation to theatrical festival
in Avignon (1991)
„Guernica I”, “Guernica II” (tour to International Theatre Festival Istanbul and Festival
Musica Trento 900 / Directed by Gül Gürses with music composed by Vittorio Gelmetti
Performance: „Letters to Taranta Babu“ (touring through South Tyrol (1988-1987))

Productions and Co-Productions:

“Gym” – Krement X (2001)
“Bertrand’s Toy” - Black Sky White (2000)
“Hahmomania” – Trava (2000)
“ One night Stand” – Krement X (1999)
“Solisten Festival” – produced together with Paul Wenninger, Ziya Azazi, Silvia Both,
Sabine Holzer, Bharat Sharma, Heini Nukari, Anna Jankowska, Gustavo Frigerio,
Dominique Delorme (1999)
“Human Protocol” – LOT Theater – Jörg Weber (1997)
“Dans le ravin de tes yeux” – Compagnie Irene K – Irene Kalbusch (1997-1996)
“Epos of Scheih Bedreddin” – Tuncel Kurtiz (1993)
“Yes or/and No” Premiere – Directed and written by Gao Xingijan (Nobel-prize winner of
2000) (1992)

Education, Research and/or Studies:

Research “Open Program” at the Workcentre of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards
under the direction of Mario Biagini in Italy (2009–2007)
Research Work with Made Djimate and I.B. Anom in Bali, Indonesien (1995)
Research Work Beijing Opera in China (1995)
Research with Arianne Mnouchkine at Theatre du Soleil in Paris (1994)
Research Work with G. Venu über Kutiyattam and Kathakali in India (1992)


Feldenkrais Method – Awareness through Movement and Functional Integration –
Feldenkrais Practitioner (2009)
Studies at Feldenkrais International Training Wien 4, June 27th, 2005, to February 20th,
2009, in Vienna, Austria.
Movement Studio Paris (1989-1988): Pedagogic Studies of Body Work with Monika Pagn
eux, Maskmaking and performance with mask by Philippe Gaulier
Drama lessons at Theatre “Der Kreis” under the direction of George Tabori in Vienna
Directors’ seminar on Kafka together with polish Director Paradowsky in Vienna (1986)
Ecole du Mime et Clown in Lyon (1984)
Theatre studies at the University of Vienna (1981–)
Studies at Conservatorium of acting in Istanbul (1981-1977)
Theoretic-Didactic work on Brecht–Play with Se.k Kiran at Bakirköy Theatre in Istanbul
Actress at National Theatre in Istanbul (1980-1979)
Foundation and Work at the D. A. S. T. The Political Theater under the direction of
Erkan Yücel in Ankara (1976)
Actress at Cagdas Sahne A.C.T in Ankara (1975)


French (passive knowledge)

Kristina Kujundzic detailed CV
Executive manager of the Competence Center for International Cultural Networking and Consulting.

Professional background

Cultural Programme Director, Swiss Cultural Programme in the Western Balkans / Pro Helvetia Belgrade office, (2008 - );;
Cultural Programme Director, Swiss Cultural Programme in South East Europe and Ukraine / SCP Serbia and Montenegro, (2004-2007);
Executive director and founder of the Centre for Youth Creativity, non-governmental organization working in a field of culture and social development, (1999-2004);
Executive director of Young Researchers of Serbia, non governmental organization active in research and educational programs, (1997-1999);
Representative of FR Yugoslavia in the International Board of the “Youth Initiatives in Central and East Europe“ Open Society Institute, New York, USA (2000 -2002)
Representative of Serbia in the International Board of the „ SEE Docks in Dubrovnik“ film festival, Dubrovnik, Croatia (2000-2002)
Representative of FRY in the International Board of the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean (2001 - 2004 )

Most important engagements

Selector of Serbian artists for the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean, Puglia, Italy

Consultant of the project „Citizens without Boundaries“ Swedish-Serbian project aimed to provide the platform for cooperation, cultural dialogue and exchange of experiences concerning cultural policy, capacity building in arts, etc. between South and North of Europe


Coordination of the work of the partner organizations in the target countries for the project “diARTspora – Never Coming Home“, aimed to immigration groups (predominantly coming from the territory of former Yugoslavia) living in Sweden, Denmark and Norway (2001-2003)
Direct line manager for the Swedish part of research and development of the network of partner organization, and the structure of above mentioned project (2002-2003)
Director of the documentary film about the Turkish artist „Portrait – Aziz Tavil“ developed in the frame of the project „Context: Europa“, Theatre des Augenblicks, Vienna, Austria (2002)
Production manager of Yugoslavian art works, for international project “Hotel Europa“ by Goran Stefanovski taking place in 9 European cities and manifestations such as: Wiener Festwochen, Bonner Biennale, Festival d’ Avignon, etc. (2001)
Editor of publishing „Possible“ aimed to promote emerging artists and special publishing projects (1999 – 2004)
Executive producer of more then 100 individual and collective exhibitions of younger generation of artists, performances, cultural happenings at the entire territory in the country (1999-2004)
Selector from FRY for the exhibition „New Millennium“, Modern Art Museum New York, USA (1997)


Formal education: B.S. University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Natural Sciences, researcher in natural sciencies

Other relevant educations and trainings:

International Summer School of Euro-Balkan Institute, Visual and Cultural Research Centre, Skopje, Macedonia – Integrating Cultures/ Negotiating New Subjectivities, Ohrid, Macedonia (2007)
Professional Development Program of Swiss Agency for Developmental and Cooperation , SDC Bern - Power of Culture, Basel, Switzerland (2006)
International Training Program of SIDA ( Swedish International Development Agency) – Arts Manager for Partnership , residency, Stockholm, Sweden – Intercult, Stockholm, Sweden (2002-2003)
International exchange programs – THEOREM, Riga, Latvia (2003)
Innovative strategies for fundraising, Youth for Europe - EU program, Brussels, Belgium (1997)


Bilingual Hungarian and Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian
Italian and Swedish – passive knowledge.

Jelena Kovacevic detailed CV
Research and co-ordination manager of the Competence Centre for International Cultural Networking and Consulting.

Professional background

Drama department of Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, since June 2003 – editing publications of YDT, artistic archive and specillised theatre library (

Member of Documentation Team in the project TRACING ROADS ACROSS, Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards, 2003-2006 (
Researcher in CENPI (Centre for New Theatre and Dance), 1999
Researcher in Bitef (Belgrade International Theatre Festival), November 1996 – November 1997
Librarian and leader of creative workshops in the CREDIBEL School (precursor of the Belgrade Open School), Belgrade, June 1995 – May 1996

Advisor, coordinator and lecturer in several projects:
Contexte Europe Sud-est, un souffle des Balkans, Les Subsistances, Lyon, February-March 2003
Kontext: Europa 2002, Theater des Augenblicks, Vienna, Oktober 2002
Pozoriste – Teatr. Presentation of Serbian independent theatres, Wroclaw, April 2002
PEACE CULTURE – WAT in co-production with SKC, Belgrade and Mostarski teatar mladih, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, February 2002
BITEF, Belgrade, November 1998 – August 1999
THEATRE IN MOTION – WAT in co-production with Cinema REX, Belgrade, December 1998
22nd FESTIVAL MONOLOGA I PANTOMIME – Zemun, Serbia, September – November 1997

Assistant director:
JDP – “Bojan Stupica”, Belgrade, April - May 1995
Three Tall Women by Edward Albee, director Vida Ognjenovi
ZID THEATRE, Amsterdam, May – December 1994
Dutch - Yugoslav co-production There Is No Place For Us, director Karolina Spaić

LUDUS, Theatre papers, Belgrade, since 1994
Member of board since October 1998

Translator of the book of Thomas Richards At Work With Grotowski on Physical Actions (Rad sa Grotovskim na fizičkim radnjama, Belgrade, Clio, 2007)

Translator for Bitef site (in 2001) from Serbian to Russian.
Engagement as a translator for the Embassy of Greece, Information and cultural department (in 1998-1999) from English to Serbian.

Interpretation and coordinator for the Japanese NGO of Japanese volunteers in Serbia (2000-2002).

Co-editor of all publications of Yugoslav Drama Theatre since 2003 (the most representative: JDP – 60 godina: lica, slike, secanja – the 60th anniversary photo-monograph of YDT, Belgrade, JDP, 2008).
A member of editorial board of theatre papers LUDUS 1998-2006 and works for magazine Teatron.

The exhibition Svi prostori Bitefa (All Stages Of Bitef), the Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade, 15-26 September 1997. Production Bitef & YUSTAT.

Professional and journalist issues for papers and magazines Pozoriste (Novi Sad), LUDUS, Knjizevne novine, Beorama, Magazine for Modern Art 3+4 and theatre magazine TEATRON (Belgrade), TmacaArt (Mostar, Bosnia&Herzegovina).

In the process of obtaining a master degree.

Postgraduate studies of Theatre Science, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade. Master thesis – on genesis of ethic ideas in the work of Thomas Richards and the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards (Geneza shvatanja etike u delu Tomasa Ričardsa i Radnog centra Ježija Grotovskog i Tomasa Ričardsa); tutor D Phil Aleksandra Jovićević, professor of History of Theatre in the XX c. at Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.

Graduated Faculty of Philology, Yugoslav and World Literature. B Litt. Final thesis – on aspects of theatricality in the work Serbian playwright by the beginning of XX c., Milutin Bojić. Tutor D Phil Aleksandar Jerkov, professor of Interpretation of Literature Work at Faculty of Philology.

Theatre workshops: ZID Theatre (Holland); Plavo pozorište (Serbia); several workshops organised by CEDEUM (Serbia); Piesen Kozla (Poland); Voice and Body - Zigmund Molik (Poland); Nhandan Chirco (Italy) & Branko Popović (Serbia).

Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian
Macedonian and Bulgarian (passive knowledge)

Manfred Reicher detailed CV
Mediator, organizational and human resources development, supervision of the Competence Centre for International Cultural Networking and Consulting.

Professional background/ Most important engagements

Consultant and supervisor of the productions of the “Theater des Augenblicks” Vienna (2006)
Supervision of conceptualization process for the European Transit Corner network - Research centre to contemporary innovative artistic theatre productions Vienna (2006)
Chairman and project manager of the Association “TAO” for holistic welfare treatment, Vienna (1999-1988)
Managing director of the REIKI institute (Radiance Association California) in Vienna (1988)
Managing director of the REIKI Institute - Radiance Association California in Vienna (1988)
Project manager for combined therapy and social project of the UNA 84 – Re-education training and provision of work (1986)
Founder of the Association UNA 84 (1984)
Project manager of the rehabilitation mechanisms for addicted ones, in Ampass, Steinach at the Burner and Schwaz in Tirol (1974-1986)
Founder of the Association Contact Information Therapy Innsbruck in Tirol (1974)

Mediation training (2008-2007)
Training in TCM – Traditional Chinese medicine, Amsterdam (1989)
Polarity training after Randolph Stone, Utrecht (1983)
Training in classical massage – Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Acupressure (1982-1978)
Study of the Buddhism Vipassana meditation – Sensory Awareness work (1980-1969)
Study Gurdijeff/Oudspensky Leeuwarden, Groningen (1975-1972)
Training Bodywork after real Reich Eva (1972)
Training for gentle Bioenergetics, intuitive body work - American Gentle Bioenergetic Association in Asheville with Richard C. Overly (1977-1972)
Training in Bioenergetics after Lowen (1975-1972)
Wu Dang Qi gong (1972)
“Primal Scream” after Janov, Utrecht (1972)
Conductor of the drug therapy station department B curing centre “De Laurier”, Amsterdam, (1973-1971)
Training as addict therapist with G Gen GD Amsterdam – Social health service A-Dam (1972-1970)
Humanisti client-centered therapy after Rogers – Shape training, Amsterdam (1972-1968)
Training as the Psychodrama and primal scream therapy “The Primal Scream Therapy with Arthur Janov, New York” (1970)
“I -Chuan Qi Gong” , “Fan Teng” Chi gong (1970)
Transaction analysis (1969)
Dr. Klaus Posch price of AAG city Innsbruck for social commitment in the Tyroleans youth welfare (1978)


Turkish (passive knowledge)