Vision, Mission, and Goals of the CCCC

Strong, recognizable, unique initiatives. Enhanced conditions for interdisciplinary research. To strengthen frameworks for intercultural collaborations.

The CCCC is a systematic process designed to establish via a collective engagement and a consistent methodology and specific epistemology, progressive productions and the creation of a user-innovative climate. It is aided by the ongoing analysis of both, previous and future theatrical activities. The CCCC works in the direction to expand the performative field, to create new platforms, as well as products, artefacts and other relevant outputs that add something radically different to existing artistic expressions.

Overall goal
To secure the conditions, the instruments for a new
cultural policy, the training/education modules, the necessary improvements and attract the attention of a wider audience – conditions which would eventually bring to life strong,
recognizable and unique expressions of art.

• To promote progressive productions which are socially relevant and inclusive, and contribute to the further development of the audience
• To improve production opportunities for emerging artists
• To redefine priorities and instruments of the cultural policy
• To provide better conditions for research- based art works, open works, etc.