Initiation and Establishment of the CCCC

With accumulated experiences and lessons learnt from all previous activities, the Theater des Augenblicks launched the initiative to establish a special working unit within TdA which can grow to become an institution - the CCCC.

The initiative of the magistrate of Vienna to transform the local theatre landscape by means of the so-called “Wiener Theaterreform” helped to further this project, since it is the Theaterreform’s intention to develop innovative tendencies and paradigms of cultural environments, to further the internationalization of their own work, inspire new networks and and to co-operate with creative people in their research and multidisciplinary approach to the arts.

“To make sure that Vienna can preserve and expand its role as a cultural metropolis in the future, the practice in the performing arts must not only be defined locally. It should continue to open international networks for collaboration and artistic exchanges.” *

It is the intention of Theater des Augenblicks to answer this call to action by founding the Centre for International Cultural Networking and Consulting.

Seite 2. Stand: 04.03.2008