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08. - 11. November 2006, 20:00 Uhr


08.11., 20:00
10.11., 20:00
11.11., 20:00

Theater des Augenblicks
Tel: 01 479 6887
email: office@theaterdesaugenblicks.net

THE ENGLISH PLAYERS are a non-profit international group whose purpose is to enrich, educate and entertain our community by providing a quality theatre experience.

DAYLIGHT SAVING has been performed with huge success around Australia, and won the 1990 Gold AWGIE and Best Stage Play Awards.

Felicity and Tom both have busy lives and demanding careers. Tom is travelling with his petulant protégé Jason, the international tennis star, when Felicity receives a surprise call from an American boyfriend from her past. As she plans a candle-lit reunion dinner her highly-stressed neighbour drops in and so does her mother. The confusion becomes complete as each of them becomes involved in Felicity’s evening.

KATHY TANNER, well-known member of The English Lovers, is directing this outstanding Australian play.
She studied drama at Alexandra College with Nora Lever, Royal Academy of Arts. She has worked at every level of exposure to the media including theatre (over 80 roles), film, television, radio (had her own show for four years), street entertainment, musical, comedy, tragedy, mime and hospital clowning.

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